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Wisconsin Driver's License Points - Attorney Carlos Gamino

When you get a ticket for a moving violation in Wisconsin, driver’s license points are assessed to your record – and if you accrue enough points, the state can suspend or revoke your driving privileges. So how can you tell how many points you have, and how many points you’re likely to accrue after a new ticket?

Wisconsin Driver’s License Points

If you receive a ticket, you don’t have to admit guilt – you can fight it. For many people, the best way to do that is to work with an experienced speeding ticket attorney in Wisconsin. Typically, attorneys can help you negotiate lower fines and demerit points, and in some cases, they’re able to make exchanges with judges (such as sending you to a driving course rather than having you pay the fines associated with your ticket).

If you simply accept the fines and fees and pay the ticket, you’re accepting responsibility. That’s when the state puts points on your driving record.

How Many Wisconsin Driver’s License Points Do You Get for Moving Violations?

The number of points the state adds to your record depends on the violation. Most violations result in two, three, four or six points. Check out the tables below to find out what violations result in each. (You can download a complete list here.)

Two- and Three-Point Offenses

2Obstructing traffic
2Parking on the highway in a traffic lane
2Defective speedometer
2Defective or repaired handlebars (motorcycle only)
2More than two riders (motorcycle operator only)
2No eye protection (motorcycle operator only)
3Operating while privileges are suspended or revoked
3Arterial or traffic control violations
3Driving the wrong way on a one-way street
3Failure to dim brights
3Failure to signal properly
3Following too closely
3Illegal passing
3Improper brakes or lights
3Operating with an expired license (or no license at all)
3Operating with multiple licenses
3Prohibited or illegal turns
3Speeding 1 to 10 miles per hour over the limit
3Violation of restriction
3Possession of intoxicating beverage while operating, or being on duty time (commercial vehicle operators only)
3Unlawful commercial motor vehicle license or endorsement

Four- and Six-Point Violations

4Deviating from traffic lane
4Driving on the wrong side of a highway or street
4Failure to yield right-of-way
4Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle
4Imprudent driving, such as too fast for conditions or failure to keep control of the vehicle
4Inattentive driving
4Failure to stop for a school bus when red lights are flashing
4Speeding 11 to 19 miles per hour over the limit
4Unnecessary acceleration
4Speeding 15 to 19 miles per hour over the limit (commercial vehicles only)
6Attempting to elude an officer
6Failure to perform duty after an accident
6Operating under the influence of an intoxicant or drugs
6Reckless driving or racing
6Speeding 20 miles per hour or more over the limit
6Violation of occupational license
6Operating while disqualified (commercial vehicles only)
6Operating with an alcohol concentration between 0.04 and 0.08 while causing injury (commercial vehicles only)

Have You Been Accused of a Moving Violation That Will Result in Wisconsin Driver’s License Points?

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