Who Gets the Family Bible - Property Division in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Property division during divorce is a touchy subject. Who gets the dishtowels and kitchen appliances you acquired while you were married? Where will the bed end up? Who’s taking the couch? While your Milwaukee divorce lawyer can point you in the right direction, he or she can’t make all of these decisions for you; in fact, they’re best left to you and your ex-spouse.

Property Division: Should You Let the Judge Decide?

Under most circumstances, you’ll be better off if you and your ex choose who gets your belongings. While a Wisconsin judge will do his or her best to remain fair and impartial, you know what’s yours, what you want and what you need out of your marriage. It’s very unlikely that letting the judge decide will result in both of you getting what you want.

Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer will probably advise you to do your best to work with each other rather than letting a judge decide.

Making Decisions with Your Ex

It’s natural to have a hard time getting along with your ex. There are a lot of emotions surrounding divorce, but it’s in your best interests to cooperate. You can negotiate; in fact, many divorcing couples are able to negotiate a reasonable settlement without any court interference.

Here’s how it works: if your ex cannot live without the tool bench and you don’t care one way or the other, use it as a bargaining tool to get something you can’t live without. Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer might also suggest that you work with a mediator to make the process go more smoothly.

Choosing Your Battles

Your attorney will probably advise you to choose your battles. Not everything is worth arguing over, and your lawyer has the experience to know when you should let something go. Couples who fight over every last detail end up spending more money, more time and more resources than people who know how to choose their battles.