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By Carlos Gamino

Most people who get divorced want to make it through as painlessly as possible – and they both want to be satisfied with the outcomes when it comes to child custody, the division of property and other aspects, too. Unfortunately, though, not everyone can work together to reach agreements that leave all parties feeling like things worked out in their favor.

In cases like these, your Milwaukee divorce lawyer might suggest that you work with a mediator. Your attorney will still represent your best interests, and your mediator can help you and your spouse reach agreements on important issues that help keep your divorce out of the courts.

3 Signs You Should Use Mediation

First things first: If your attorney suggests that you work with a mediator, take it seriously – it’s probably a good indicator that you could benefit. However, even if your attorney doesn’t suggest that you use mediation, you can still choose to do so. These are three signs you should use a mediator.

#1: You want the best for your kids.

Divorce is definitely tough on moms and dads, but it can be tougher on kids – and because you and your spouse both want what’s best for them (even if you don’t see eye-to-eye), it’s a good idea to work out agreements about parenting time and custody between yourselves.

#2: You don’t want to fight.

If you and your spouse are interested in keeping the peace, it may be a good idea to work with a mediator. That’s because all spouses fight – sometimes much more during divorce – and it can be helpful to have an impartial third party helping you reach agreements.

#3: You want to save money and time on your divorce.

When you and your spouse have to argue in court, your divorce will take longer – and it’ll cost you more money. If you can’t agree and you’re headed for litigation, you may want to try working with a mediator.

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