3 Reasons to Reach Agreements With Your Spouse During Divorce - Carlos Gamino

By Carlos Gamino

It doesn’t sound like an easy thing to agree with your spouse during divorce, but in many cases, that’s exactly what needs to happen to make your divorce go more smoothly.

But why – and when – are you supposed to reach agreements with your spouse?

3 Reasons to Reach Agreements With Your Spouse During Divorce

When you and your spouse can’t agree on important issues, such as child custody and placement, you may need to work with a mediator. Your Milwaukee divorce attorney will most likely advise you to find common ground, no matter how you get there. Here’s why.

1. If you don’t agree with your spouse, the judge assigned to your case will make important decisions for you. While judges do their best to remain fair and impartial, the fact remains that no judge knows your family as well as you do. That means the best decisions for your family (including your children) come from you and your soon-to-be ex. You know what will work best, what you can live with, and how these big changes will affect you and your children; your judge doesn’t.

2. Couples who fight spend more money on divorce. You’ll have to pay your lawyer to suggest things to your spouse’s lawyer, who will then argue back – and then you’ll have to argue back, racking up legal fees in the process.

3. Couples who fight spend more time getting divorced. A divorce in which a couple agrees on all the major points goes faster than one in which the couple chooses to fight. The reason is simple: In addition to the back-and-forth between lawyers, you’ll have to wait to get on the court’s schedule with your disagreements. That means you’re waiting whether you want to or not, and the wait can be pretty substantial.

The key? Try to find common ground by negotiating. Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer can help quite a bit with the negotiation process. It’s important that you try to reach agreements as soon as possible in your divorce case; that way, you’ll save time and money to reach a favorable outcome.

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