What to Do if You're Charged with a Schedule II Drug Offense in Milwaukee - Milwaukee Drug Crime Lawyer

Milwaukee has tough drug crime laws, and people are being arrested for possession, sale and distribution in record numbers. If you’ve been charged with a Schedule II drug offense in Milwaukee, here’s what you need to know.

What are Schedule II Narcotics?

Schedule II narcotics can be prescribed drugs or street drugs. In Wisconsin, the list of Schedule II narcotics includes:

  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Methadone
  • Amphetamine
  • Methamphetamine (meth)
  • Cocaine
  • Opium

There are several other drugs classified as Schedule II controlled substances as well, including Fentanyl, Percocet and Ritalin.

Naturally, if you have a valid prescription for oxycodone, codeine, morphine or amphetamine, you have nothing to worry about. Methadone is readily available at clinics in Milwaukee, and legally obtained methadone is fine, as well. It’s when you step into the non-prescription or street drug arena that you have to worry about being charged with a Schedule II drug offense.

Potential Penalties for Schedule II Drug Offenses

Depending on what types and the amounts of Schedule II drugs you’ve been charged in relation to, whether you have previous convictions and whether you have been accused of a crime near a drug-free zone, your penalties for a conviction will vary.

One thing is certain: judges are required to suspend your driver’s license for at least 6 months if you are convicted for any drug offense. If you have an occupational driver’s license that you need to keep in order to work, your eligibility to keep it will depend on how many prior drug convictions you have.

If you’re convicted, you could be charged with a felony and be imprisoned; there are penalty enhancers in place if you’re a repeat offender or if the crime took place near a public park, a youth center or a handful of other designated drug-free areas.

The Bottom Line: Schedule II Drug Offenses Are Serious

Being charged with a Schedule II drug offense in Milwaukee is serious. The penalties are severe, and a conviction could cost you your freedom. It’s important that you get in touch with a Milwaukee drug crime lawyer immediately if you’re charged with one of these types of offenses; an attorney can help protect your rights in court and ensure that you have a chance to tell your side of the story.