What Should You Tell Your Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer - Carlos Gamino

By Carlos Gamino

If you’re like many people facing criminal charges in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, you’re probably not sure what you should—or shouldn’t—tell your attorney.

Many people worry that if they admit guilt, their attorney won’t try as hard to get an acquittal… or worse, leave the case.

The easy answer?

Tell your Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer everything.

The more in-depth answer?

Your lawyer’s job is to get you the best possible outcome, whether you’re innocent or guilty. (Remember, too, that you’re presumed innocent until you’re proven otherwise in court.)

The responsibility for proving your guilt falls on the prosecution during a criminal trial. The prosecutor must prove that you committed the crime with which you were charged.

Your lawyer doesn’t have to prove that you’re innocent. Instead, his or her job is to show that the prosecutor’s evidence isn’t really proof at all. Your lawyer isn’t the judge; his or her main concern is whether there’s enough evidence for the court to convict you. Your lawyer is your advocate, whether or not you committed the crime you’re accused of committing.

While you don’t have to admit guilt to your lawyer, it is extremely helpful if you can tell him or her what the prosecution believes they have as evidence. That way, your attorney can build the best possible defense. Your lawyer can’t defend what he or she doesn’t know, so the more you can share, the better.

The rule of thumb: your lawyer will ask you very specific questions, and you need to provide very specific answers.

Don’t volunteer more than your lawyer asks for, because he or she may be limited in defense options if you say too much. Don’t hold back, either, though; if your attorney asks you something, answer honestly.

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