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What is the Probation Hold Time Limit in Wisconsin - Carlos Gamino

The probation hold time limit in Wisconsin is supposed to be five business days, but that time period can be extended… and sometimes it can extend for months.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Probation Hold Time Limit in Wisconsin?

Probation holds – sometimes called VOP holds or PO holds – are a “time-out.” If a probation officer believes you have violated the conditions of your probation, or if you’re suspected of violating federal, state, county or municipal laws or ordinances, you can go to jail on a probation hold. During this time, the agent of the court is supposed to review the case and investigate alleged violations.

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However, although Wisconsin has administrative rules that say people are only supposed to be detained for five working days, extensions are available.

Usually, the Department of Corrections makes a decision whether to revoke a person’s probation within a couple of weeks. However, that’s not always the case. Because the division administrator can hold someone on a VOP hold for “any additional time” necessary, sometimes these holds stretch out over weeks or months. Also, if an agent serves someone with official revocation notices, no time limits apply – and that can mean a person is sitting in jail for an extended period of time without any new information.

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What to Do if Your Loved One is in Jail for a Probation Hold

If someone you care about is in jail for a probation hold, you may want to talk to a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney who can help. Call us at 414-383-6700 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced lawyer who will take the time to learn about the case – and who can provide the specific legal guidance you need right now.

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