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By Carlos Gamino

Here’s a term you may not hear much: lewd and lascivious behavior.

But the term is one with deep roots in Wisconsin law — most notably, “Crimes Against Sexual Morality” — and in many cases, lewd and lascivious behavior is a crime that’s punishable by very real jail time and fines. (If you’ve been accused of this crime, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a Milwaukee sex crime lawyer who understands the law and who can help you navigate the court process.)

What is Lewd and Lascivious Behavior?

Under Wisconsin law, lewd and lascivious behavior is basically indecent exposure. The law defines this crime as a person who “commits an indecent act of sexual gratification with another with knowledge that they are in the presence of others or publicly and indecently exposes genitals of pubic area.”

Sexual gratification, for the purposes of this law, is defined as anal or oral sexual contact, or any sexual contact with an animal. (While we’re here, did you know that adultery is a Class I felony in Wisconsin?)

What Are the Penalties for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior in Milwaukee?

In Milwaukee and across the rest of the state of Wisconsin, lewd and lascivious behavior is a Class A misdemeanor.

The penalties of a conviction could include up to 9 months in jail and a fine of up to $500.

A Word on Lewd, Obscene, or Indecent Drawings

It’s illegal (and a Class C misdemeanor) to draw or write lewd, obscene, or indecent materials in a public place in the state of Wisconsin. The law defines this type of material as writing, pictures, films, and similar mediums that an average person with contemporary community standards views them as:

  • Appealing to a sexual interest
  • Showing sexual conduct in an offensive way
  • Lacking serious literary, artistic, political, educational or scientific value

A conviction for a lewd, obscene, or indecent drawing could put you behind bars for up to 30 days and cost you up to $500 in fines, as well.

Do You Need to Talk to a Milwaukee Lawyer About Lewd and Lascivious Behavior Laws?

If someone has accused you of lewd and lascivious behavior, or if you’ve been accused of creating lewd, obscene, or indecent drawings, it’s probably a good idea to talk to a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney. Although these crimes are misdemeanors and they’re not exceptionally common, are with them — and once a crime of this nature is on your record, it’s typically permanent.

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Carlos Gamino