It’s important to consult with an attorney if you are facing charges for a violent crime in Wisconsin. An attorney can provide guidance specific to your situation and help you understand the potential penalties you may face, as well as options for defense and/or mitigating the consequences you might face. Legal outcomes can vary greatly, and a skilled Wisconsin criminal attorney can work to protect your rights and provide the best possible defense.

Violent Crimes

1. Homicide: The unlawful killing of another person

2. Assault: The intentional infliction of bodily harm or the threat to inflict harm on another person.

3. Robbery: The use of force, intimidation, or the threat of force to take another person’s property.

4. Sexual Assault: Non-consensual sexual contact or intercourse with another person.

5. Kidnapping: The unlawful abduction or restraint of another person against their will.

6. Domestic Violence: Violent acts committed within the context of a domestic relationship, such as spousal abuse or child abuse.


1. Incarceration: This can range from probation or community service to lengthy prison sentences.

2. Fines: Courts may impose fines.

4. Restitution: Defendants may be required to compensate victims for their losses.

6. Loss of Rights: Conviction for certain violent crimes may result in the loss of certain civil rights.

Do You Need to Speak to an Attorney about a Violent Crime Offense in Wisconsin? 

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