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If you’re on probation, you need to know that eventually, you may face a probation review hearing. In Wisconsin, these hearings are designed to ensure that a person who’s on probation deserves to stay out of jail. The most common reason for a probation review hearing in Wisconsin is simple probation violation. If you break one (or more) of the rules you’re supposed to follow while you’re on probation, the review hearing is where you’ll learn what happens next in your case.

What is a Probation Review Hearing in Wisconsin?

A probation review hearing is a formal process in which the court will hear testimony on what happened with your probation. If you were charged with a new crime, failed to go to treatment you were ordered to go to, or otherwise violated your probation, you can expect consequences. Those consequences can range from a slap on the wrist – more of a warning, really – to a reinstatement of your suspended sentence. That means if you were charged with a crime for which the punishment is up to a year in jail, but the judge put you on probation instead of sending you to jail, the court can say, “Well, you gave it a shot – but you violated your probation, so now you’re going to jail.”

What to Expect From a Probation Review Hearing

During your probation review hearing, the judge assigned to your case will listen to your side of the story and the state’s side of the story. At that time, he or she will decide whether to revoke your probation.

You need to know that the judge will rely heavily on your probation officer’s report. You may want to work with an attorney so you have someone in your corner during the hearing.

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What Happens if You Violate Your Probation?

If you violate your probation, you could end up going to jail. The court will want to hear what caused you to violate your probation – and your circumstances will have a lot to do with the way it all works out. For example, if you missed an appointment with your probation officer because you were in a car accident on the way there (and if you can prove it), the judge will likely understand. However, if you failed to go to drug or alcohol counseling because you were high or drunk and forgot about it, the judge isn’t likely to feel very sorry for you. You should consult with your attorney about your circumstances before your probation review hearing.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney Before a Probation Review Hearing?

If you need to talk to a lawyer about your case before you attend a probation review hearing, we may be able to help you. Call us at 414-383-6700 for a free consultation now.

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