What is a PERM Labor Certification - Wisconsin Immigration Lawyer

The permanent labor certification program, commonly called a PERM labor certification, is a part of the United States labor and immigration law that allows an employer to fill permanent positions with foreign workers.

By obtaining a PERM labor certificate, the employer is starting the immigration process for the worker. The employer is the petitioner, and the prospective foreign employee is the beneficiary.

If you want to file a PERM application to bring foreign workers to the U.S., you’ll be required to provide supporting documentation; for this reason, many people choose to retain a Milwaukee immigration lawyer for help throughout the process.

Why is a PERM Certificate Required?

The Department of Labor is responsible for protecting the United States labor force, including making sure that bringing in foreign workers does not displace similarly qualified American workers or negatively impact wages and working conditions in the area.

The PERM Labor Certificate will affirm that there are no qualified American workers in the area who are willing (or available) to perform the job.

What are the Employer’s Responsibilities?

As an employer, you must pay all the fees and costs for getting a PERM labor certificate.  You must also provide a huge amount of information, including proof that the position is full-time, permanent, and was made available to United States citizens. 

Finally, you have to provide job descriptions, recruitment materials that meet specific requirements, and reports on the efforts you made to fill the job with American workers. 

What Are the Beneficiary’s Responsibilities?

The beneficiary will need to prove that they already had the education and skills necessary for the job when the application for a PERM labor certificate was filed. If he or she is living in the United States, the beneficiary must maintain a legal status.

Why Seek a PERM Labor Certificate?

The PERM process enables employers to hire qualified workers while providing legal immigration status for the beneficiaries.

It might be in your business’ best interests to get PERM labor certifications for your workers. If you think it is, get in touch with a Wisconsin immigration attorney who focuses on obtaining these types of certifications. He or she will help simplify the process and ensure that things run smoothly from start to finish.