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By Carlos Gamino

In the state of Wisconsin, you can be classified a “habitual traffic offender,” which is a lot more serious than it sounds.

What is a Habitual Traffic Offender?

A habitual traffic offender, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, is someone who repeatedly breaks traffic laws. The Wisconsin DMV keeps track of drivers’ convictions that occur both in and out-of-state, and when a driver accumulates a certain amount, the DMV revokes his or her driving privileges.

How Many Traffic Violations Can You Have Before the DMV Revokes Your License?

If you have 12 or more convictions of certain moving traffic violations in Wisconsin, or four or more major violations committed in Wisconsin or other states, you could lose your driving privileges. If you have a combination of 12 or more minor or major convictions, you’re in the same boat.

What Are “Major” Violations?

Major violations – remember, if you have four or more, you could lose your driver’s license – include:

If you’re in danger of losing your driver’s license due to any of these offenses, or because you’ve had 12 or more moving offense convictions, you may need to talk to an attorney.

Are You at Risk of Losing Your Driver’s License?

If you could lose your driver’s license, we may be able to help you.

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