What Happens if You Walk Away from Work-Release - Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Some inmates in Wisconsin’s correctional system get the privilege of participating in work-release programs. Work-release is usually a welcome break for inmates; they’re out of their small jail cells and able to interact with people, gain a sense of accomplishment, and enjoy the benefits of learning a new trade or practicing a familiar one. But not everyone feels that it’s a valuable privilege; some people walk away from work-release programs in Wisconsin and don’t come back.

Unfortunately for them, that’s considered escape, and it carries extremely heavy penalties under Wisconsin law.

Milwaukee’s Huber Work-Release Program

The Milwaukee County House of Correction uses the Huber program to give prison inmates a change of scenery and improve morale, health and welfare. Inmates are temporarily released so they can work – but sometimes they make a run for it.

Most are eventually caught and charged with escape; others turn themselves in once they realize how serious their situation is. If you’re in either of those situations, call a Milwaukee lawyer who defends people in escape cases regularly. You need to have a dedicated ally in your corner to explain your situation to a judge so that the judge can make a fair, balanced decision about what happens to you next.

Should You Turn Yourself In?

If you’ve walked away from the Huber program, whether or not you’ve been caught by law enforcement personnel, call your attorney before you make any decisions. Because every case is different, you should only listen to your lawyer for case-specific advice.

To be clear, escape refers to leaving when you don’t have permission or authority to do so; remember, you could be charged with escape even if you leave for a short time and come back.

Don’t take any chances. Call a Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer who has experience dealing with escape charges at (414)383-6700.