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By Carlos Gamino

If you’re like many people going through a divorce in Milwaukee, you’ve heard the term guardian ad litem—but what does it mean, and how does it affect your case?

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem, or GAL, is a lawyer who’s licensed in Wisconsin whose sole responsibility is to protect a minor child’s best interests. The guardian ad litem can investigate facts, participate in negotiations, and offer a position to the court about a child’s legal custody and physical placement.

What Does a Guardian ad Litem Do?

A guardian ad litem investigates the facts of a case, but more specifically, he or she will speak to both parents and the child or children involved in the dispute.

As the GAL is investigating, he or she will consider:

  • The child’s wishes and both parents’ wishes
  • Whether one or both parents have had a pattern or a serious incidence of violence between them
  • The child’s safety and well-being
  • The child’s relationship with you and other family members
  • How well-adjusted the child is to home, school, religion and community
  • The child’s age and needs
  • Physical abuse or problems with alcohol or drugs
  • Any other significant factors that affect a child’s well-being

This isn’t a comprehensive list. A guardian ad litem’s responsibility is to help the court determine what’s best for your child, so he or she can consider a number of other factors that will affect the child.

Who Appoints a Guardian ad Litem?

A family court commissioner or a judge appoints a guardian ad litem. Typically, one of the parents request a GAL; however, sometimes (as mentioned above) an involved attorney can request one.

The court can appoint a guardian ad litem for a minor child in any action if:

  • Legal custody or physical placement is contested
  • Legal custody or physical placement is stipulated to be with anyone other than a parent, or when a child is in the legal custody of anyone (or any agency) other than the child’s parent
  • An involved attorney requests one on behalf of a minor whose paternity has not been acknowledged

Do You Have Questions About GALs in Wisconsin?

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Carlos Gamino