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By Carlos Gamino

Drug crimes in Wisconsin are serious offenses, and they carry harsh penalties – but what counts as a drug crime, and what could happen to you if you’re convicted of one?

What Counts as a Drug Crime in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s drug laws characterize these types of crimes as offenses relating to “manufacture, distribution, delivery, possession with intent to deliver and possession of” controlled substances. There are several categories of controlled substances, with each being labeled Schedule I through Schedule V. Schedule I drugs have the highest potential for abuse and don’t have an accepted medical use, while drugs that fall under Schedule V have the lowest potential abuse and do have currently accepted medical uses.

This table outlines some examples of Schedule I through Schedule IV narcotics.

Schedule I Narcotics Schedule II Narcotics Schedule III Narcotics Schedule IV Narcotics
Synthetic opiates, hallucinogenic substances, depressants and stimulants such as: GHB
Substances of plant origin, opium and opiates (including synthetic), stimulants, depressants and hallucinogenic substances such as: Amphetamine
Stimulants, hallucinogenic substances, anabolic steroids and other substances such as: Ketamine
Depressants, stimulants and other substances such as:

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

When you’re convicted of any drug offense in Wisconsin, the judge is required to suspend your driver’s license for at least 6 months. The judge in your case, at his or her discretion, may suspend your license for up to 5 years. In some cases, the judge may still allow an occupational driver’s license – but that doesn’t always happen.

Do You Need to Talk to a Milwaukee Attorney About Drug Crime Defense?

If you’ve been accused of any drug crime in Milwaukee or the surrounding communities, even if you think it’s a low-level offense, you may want to talk to an attorney about your case. A lawyer will be able to explain the possible consequences to you and answer all your questions.

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