What Can You Do About False Allegations of Child Abuse - Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Carlos Gamino

While it’s incredibly sad, many people across Wisconsin are falsely accused of child abuse every day. These people – who have done nothing wrong – face the loss of custody or even visitation with their children.

So what can you do about false allegations of child abuse?

Falsely Accused of Child Abuse: Now What?

If you’ve been falsely accused of child abuse, one of the first things you should do is call a child abuse lawyer in Milwaukee. An attorney can help protect your rights and ensure that your side of the story comes out in court – and that’s particularly important, especially when you consider the potential consequences of a conviction.

Child abuse is a serious crime in the state of Wisconsin, and it’s considered a felony. Depending on the nature of the child abuse, you could be facing imprisonment, the loss of your rights to your children, and the permanent stigma associated with child abuse.

Intentional vs. Reckless: The Two Categories of Abuse

Wisconsin State law classifies child abuse in two different ways: intentional and reckless.

Intentional child abuse refers to instances in which the perpetrator meant to hurt a child. Reckless child abuse refers to a situation of unreasonable risk of harm to a child and conduct that shows a conscious disregard for the child’s safety.

Whether child abuse is intentional or reckless has an impact on the type of felony it is.

Why Some People Are Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

During divorce cases, we occasionally see parties accusing each other of child abuse in an attempt to “win.” The sad reality is that nobody wins in a case like that – least of all the children.

If you have been accused of abusing a child, call us right away at 414-383-6700 or get in touch with us online. We are Milwaukee child abuse lawyers who can help protect you and your kids from false allegations that can permanently damage your relationships.