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By Carlos Gamino

In the state of Wisconsin, most violent crimes are felonies – and as such, they carry serious penalties that can result in prison time after a conviction.

So what crimes does Wisconsin consider “violent,” and what should you do if you’re accused of one?

List of “Violent Crimes” in Wisconsin

Because the state considers violent crimes more serious than many other types of crime, they’re typically charged as felonies with penalties of at least one year in prison. Under Wisconsin law, these qualify as violent crimes:

  • Armed robbery, which involves taking property from a person or away from its owner by using (or threatening to use) a dangerous weapon or something that the victim believes is a dangerous weapon
  • Arson, which involves intentional damage of a building with fire or explosives
  • Battery, which involves causing bodily harm to a person (assault is also considered a violent crime, but it does not involve hurting someone – only threatening to hurt someone)
  • Carjacking, which involves taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, particularly with the use of (or threat of use of) a dangerous weapon
  • Child abuse or neglect, which involves causing harm to a child or putting a child in a situation where harm is probable; neglect involves actions or failure to take action to contribute to the neglect of a child
  • Domestic violence or spousal abuse, which involves harming a spouse or former spouse, a roommate or former roommate, or a person with whom a child is shared
  • Escape, which involves getting away from police custody or leaving jail or prison without authorization
  • False imprisonment, which involves holding someone against his or her will
  • Homicide, which involves taking another person’s life
  • Kidnapping, which involves taking someone against his or her will
  • Rape and sexual assault, which involve nonconsensual sexual contact
  • Robbery, which involves taking property from a person or from the presence of its owner by using force or threatening to use force to do so
  • Stalking, which involves engaging in a course of conduct that scares or harms someone else

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