Waivers of Inadmissibility in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Immigration Lawyer

People immigrating to the United States, including those who want to move to Wisconsin, often face several challenges – and when they’re considered inadmissible, immigration isn’t even an option. However, many people benefit from working with a talented immigration lawyer in Milwaukee; an attorney can evaluate the situation and help determine if the would-be immigrant can get a waiver or can apply for a non-immigrant waiver to enter the US under different conditions.

What Can Waivers Do?

A waiver of inadmissibility, if granted, can allow an immigrant to enter the United States despite the fact that they couldn’t come in under ordinary circumstances.

Waivers are available for several of the conditions that normally bar people from immigrating to the U.S., including the restrictions on people who have multiple criminal convictions, those who have communicable diseases of public health significance, as well as several others.

Are Waivers of Inadmissibility Available to Everyone?

Waivers are not, under any circumstances, available to:

  • People who have been convicted of murder, criminal acts involving torture, or conspiracy to commit either
  • People who have been controlled substance traffickers (within the past five years)
  • Those who have committed espionage or sabotage
  • People who have participated in terrorist activites
  • A Person who has participated in genocide
  • Those who have recruited or used child soldiers
  • Those who have falsely claimed U.S. citizenship

This isn’t a complete list, so it’s best to consult with a Milwaukee immigration lawyer if you’re not sure whether you or a loved one can qualify.

Why Working with an Immigration Lawyer Can Make a Difference

Because U.S.-based immigration attorneys are familiar with the laws and how they work, hiring one could make an impact on whether you’re able to find a waiver and make the application process go more smoothly. If you need to work with an immigration lawyer in Milwaukee, call Gamino Law Offices at (414) 383-6700; we’ll do whatever we can to help.