Catherine Grady – Office Manager

Office Manager Catherine Grady
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Catherine Grady is the office manager for our Milwaukee criminal defense law firm. First and foremost, she oversees everything that makes our office run smoothly. Importantly, if you need help in any administrative area at our firm, Catherine is the go-to person. Catherine has the answers and is ready to help. For example, she can assist with anything, from scheduling an appointment for an initial consultation to questions about an invoice. Catherine also supports the lawyers with their administrative needs.

Catherine dedicates herself to fully supporting everyone’s experience at the firm. First, she knows that clients working with our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys need someone they can contact in an emergency. Second, in response, Catherine establishes and manages resources available to our clients and staff at all times to meet any needs that may come up.

In conclusion, our compassionate and determined Milwaukee criminal lawyer, divorce, and immigration lawyers in Milwaukee, WI  feel privileged to help you with your legal needs.  Not to be outdone, our support staff feels the same. Please contact us to discuss your case in detail.