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By Carlos Gamino

When you’re separating from your spouse, people are lining up to tell you about the technical side of things.

“Make sure you take your name off the cable bill.”

“Get your mail forwarded to your new address.”

“Don’t forget to pull up a copy of last year’s tax returns so you’ll get the right amount in child support.”

But few people actually want to tell you about the emotional side. It’s true; many people are uncomfortable talking about the emotional aspects of divorce (or even listening to you talk about them) for several reasons — not the least of which is that they subconsciously think that your divorce might be contagious.

That doesn’t mean you have less need to talk about (or learn about) it, though.

So what happens to you emotionally when you separate from your spouse?

The Emotional Side of Separating From Your Spouse

Every situation—and every couple—is different.

However, psychologically, the processes that take place during separation are similar, and one thing that comes back as a recurring theme is grief. While each person processes grief differently, the most common theory is that there are five stages (although this is still up for debate), including:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

You may experience some, all, or even none of these emotions, but one thing’s for sure: you need to be at your emotional best if you’re going to make important decisions (like those on child custody and placement).

So what should you do?

Experts suggest relying on your support network — and if you don’t have one, make one. Whether you join other like-minded individuals with a divorce support meetup or you talk to a professional divorce therapist, it’s one way to help you sort things out in your own mind and ensure that you’re able to process your feelings the right way.

It also helps to ensure you have a skilled, knowledgeable divorce attorney in your corner; that way, you have the peace-of-mind that you deserve during this difficult time.

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Carlos Gamino