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Thousands of people are charged with crimes in the state of Wisconsin each year, and according to the FBI, some crimes are far more common than others. Statewide, more than 141,000 people received criminal convictions in 2013 (a number that has been steadily decreasing since 1991, when judges convicted more than 221,000 people).

The 3 Most Common Criminal Charges in Wisconsin

Generally speaking, crimes are broken down into several categories; each category has its own subcategories, as well. For example, the FBI has an individual category for violent crimes, but that category includes murder, rape and aggravated assault, as well as several other types of crimes.

The three most common crimes in Wisconsin are:

1. Larceny and theft.

Wisconsin law considers a thief someone who “intentionally takes and carries away, uses, transfers, conceals, or retains possession of movable property of another without the other’s consent and with intent to deprive the owner permanently of possession of such property.”

2. Burglary

Burglary is a form of stealing (it sure seems like we need to start nailing things down in Wisconsin, doesn’t it?) but it requires the person being charged to have intentionally entered a building without the owner’s consent. It also requires that the person entered knowing full well that he or she was not supposed to be there, and that he or she entered with the intent to steal something or to commit a felony.

3. Robbery

Robbery is different from larceny, theft and burglary in that it requires force or the threat of force. According to Wisconsin law, a robber is someone who steals property by using physical force or threatening to use physical force in order to get away with the things he or she is stealing.

What to Do if You’re Charged with Any Crime in Wisconsin

While these are the three most common crimes most attorneys deal with, we work with people dealing with a wide variety of charges in our office. If you’ve been accused of any sort of crime in Milwaukee, Waukesha or the surrounding areas, call us. Our talented criminal defense lawyers will start building a solid defense for you right away.