Was Governor Walker Building a Wall

Was Governor Walker Building a Wall - Wisconsin Immigration Attorney

By Carlos Gamino

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently proposed that building a wall across the Canadian border was a potentially feasible solution meriting further discussion.

Citing security concerns, Walker saw no reason to consider against erecting a wall across the 5,525-mile Canadian border as a means of possibly preventing terrorist attacks. According to Walker, the security of U.S. borders takes precedence over all other immigration issues.

His strategy of walling off Canada received criticism from other politicians, who were quick to point out that Canada is a major economical ally, and that a wall could hurt an otherwise thriving commercial trade between Canada and the US.

Even the Canadian embassy noted that no terrorist attack has ever been successfully launched from Canada, and that the 9/11 attacks, for example, were carried out using visas, meaning they had nothing to do with border security.

Scott Walker’s current position on that matter is unclear. Although Walker’s spokesperson has since said that he was “not advocating a wall be built,” Walker himself has reflected that “it wasn’t just about building a wall and securing our borders,” but “also about making sure our intelligence community has the ability for counterterrorism.”

As far as making sure our intelligence community has the ability for counterterrorism is concerned, many politicians are arguing that the Canadian border is safe enough as it is.

The Canadian embassy went on to explain that “there are joint Canadian-U.S. law enforcement teams that share intelligence” specifically to “snuff out any cross-border activity that may occur.” In addition, the two countries share visa information and a log of citizens crossing the border who are neither from the United States nor Canada. These measurements, Canada assures, are adequate in preventing terrorism.