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Shuttling kids back and forth to school, working and coping with the realities of everyday life, especially as a single parent, is incredibly tough. It’s even harder when you and your ex aren’t on the same page when it comes to discipline, standards and parenting strategies. Your Milwaukee divorce attorney might recommend that you and your ex hire a parenting coach; sometimes, people who are paid to smooth out the wrinkles can work wonders for busy moms and dads.

What Does a Parenting Coach Do?

A parenting coach is someone you hire to let you parent in your own way and helps you and your spouse cooperate. He or she can provide you with ideas and show you new strategies you can use to cope with the difficulties of divorcing with kids.

What to Look for in a Parenting Coach

First, know that nearly anyone can call themselves a “parenting coach.” That doesn’t always mean they’re qualified. However, many counselors, therapists and psychologists are very qualified.

If you’re considering hiring a parenting coach, make sure he or she can provide references from past clients. You’ll also need to find someone who both you and your ex are comfortable working with and who’s willing to tackle tough questions.

Make sure you know:

  • What types of fees the parenting coach charges (and what’s covered under those charges)
  • What the coach’s parenting philosophy is
  • When he or she will be available to help you and how to schedule emergency appointments

A good parenting coach will sit through an interview with you and help you identify the key issues that you and your ex need to work on.

Do You Need a Parenting Coach?

Ultimately, remember that you can keep your family on track during this difficult time. It doesn’t mean that you’re not strong or that you’re incapable if you reach out for help; actually, reaching out for help when you need it shows that you are strong.

If do you feel like your kids will benefit from you and your spouse hiring a parenting coach, ask your Milwaukee divorce lawyer if he or she knows a local professional. Your attorney may have referred past clients to a particular parenting coach who has established a good reputation in the area.

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