Sexual Assault in Wisconsin  - Milwaukee Sexual Assault Lawyers

By Carlos Gamino

With Bill Cosby making the news in recent years, now is a good time to address the possible penalties a sexual assault conviction can carry in the state of Wisconsin.

If you’ve been accused of this type of crime, you may find it helpful to talk to a Milwaukee sexual assault lawyer. Your attorney can help preserve your rights and explain the entire process you’re going through while providing you with case-specific legal advice.

What is Sexual Assault Under Wisconsin Law?

Wisconsin classifies sexual assault by degrees; first-degree is the most severe, and fourth-degree is the least severe.

Sexual assault can include sexual contact or sexual intercourse, and under the statute, each of those acts is clearly defined.

Sexual contact means intentional touching, direct or through clothing, that’s meant to degrade or humiliate the victim or meant to arouse or gratify the defendant, or if it contains the elements of actual or attempted battery.

Sexual intercourse is defined as a number of different acts, including oral sex.

Penalties for Sexual Assault

If you’re convicted of sexual assault, the penalties can be very harsh. For first-degree sexual assault, which is a Class B felony, you could be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 60 years (40 years of initial confinement and a maximum of 20 years of extended supervision).

Second-degree sexual assault is a Class C felony, and possible penalties include a total of 40 years of imprisonment; 25 of those are initial confinement and 15 can be extended supervision. You could also be fined up to $100,000.

Third-degree sexual assault, which is a Class G felony, carries a possible penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment (5 years of initial confinement and the same for extended supervision). You may be fined up to $25,000.

Fourth-degree sexual assault is a Class A misdemeanor, and you could spend up to 9 months in jail and have to pay up to $10,000 in fines.

Have You Been Accused of Sexual Assault?

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