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By Carlos Gamino

During your divorce, your Milwaukee divorce attorney will probably advise you to negotiate with your spouse to find common ground so you can save time and money. However, to do so, you and your spouse have to put some ground rules in place.

Setting Ground Rules for Divorce Negotiation

The ground rules for a successful negotiation are:

1. Be prepared. Know what you’re willing to accept before you even start negotiating. Know that you might not get everything you want, and remember that the only way to a successful negotiation is through give-and-take.

2. Don’t let your emotions rule. You have to commit to staying cordial and civil, as does your spouse, and you can’t let your emotions take over when you should be treating your divorce as a business transaction.

3. Don’t give deadlines. Deadlines are a kind of ultimatum, and you want to avoid those at all costs. When you say, “You have to decide by Friday,” what your spouse hears is “You had better do what I want you to do, or else I’ll make this harder for you.”

4. Listen to your lawyer’s advice. Your lawyer is there to help you get the best possible outcome, which means he or she only has your best interests at heart. If your attorney suggests that you let something go, think about letting it go – and if your attorney suggests that you hire a mediator to help you, that may be your best path toward a fair resolution.

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