Serious Felony Crimes in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Criminal Defense

By Carlos Gamino

Serious felony crimes in the state of Wisconsin can put you behind bars for years – and if you’re being accused of one, the best thing you could do may be to call a criminal defense lawyer.

What Are Serious Felony Crimes in Wisconsin?

While all felonies are serious because they have the most severe punishments for convictions, some are considered more serious than others are.

Some of the most common serious felonies we defend in our office include:

Serious felony crimes in the state of Wisconsin have, as the name implies, very serious consequences. Many of these offenses can put you behind bars for several years.

What to Do if You’re Charged with a Serious Felony

If you’re charged with a serious felony, don’t talk to police. You have the right to wait for an attorney to be present before you answer any questions, and this is especially important in your case. Your lawyer will be able to preserve your rights during questioning and ensure that you’re treated fairly while you’re in police custody.

You have to be careful what you say to investigators, because they can take anything you say and use it against you later. Even if you’re innocent of the crimes they’re accusing you of committing, it’s best to wait for an attorney to make sure you don’t make statements that could be construed as a confession.

The most important thing for you to remember is to remain calm, even if police or investigators are asking you the same questions repeatedly. It’s their job to get you to confess to something, but it’s your job to rely on your lawyer for legal protection for your rights.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

Your attorney will ask you questions about the case, and all you need to do is provide answers to those questions. Let your lawyer guide the conversation; he or she will ask you questions that are pertinent to building your defense.

Your Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer will also be with you at your arraignment and will accompany you to your other court appearances.