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By Carlos Gamino

Road rage – tension and anger between drivers that often leads to an accident or a physical fight – isn’t a specific charge in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, but police can break it down to other charges that can result in serious penalties (including prison time).

What is Road Rage?

Road rage is defined as “violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.”

It’s important to remember that ultimately – whether or not you’re on the road – you’re responsible for your own behavior. Letting your anger get the best of you while you’re behind the wheel can result in criminal charges like disorderly conduct, battery and a variety of traffic offenses.


If you exit your car and beat someone up on the road, you could be charged with battery. Wisconsin law defines battery as causing “bodily harm, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm or great bodily harm, or by conduct that creates a substantial risk of great bodily harm, to that person or another without the consent of the person so harmed.” Battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the extent of the victim’s injuries.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses that can get you into trouble during a road rage incident include reckless driving, hit and run, vehicular homicide or other crimes, depending on the circumstances. The penalties for reckless driving typically depend on whether someone was injured, and according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, “Most behaviors associated with aggressive driving are illegal.”

Are You in Trouble Over a Road Rage Incident?

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