Resources for Teens With an Incarcerated Parent - Carlos Gamino

By Carlos Gamino

It’s hard having a mom or dad in jail – but fortunately, there are a number of resources for teens with an incarcerated parent designed to help kids cope with what they’re going through. Here’s a quick list that you may find helpful if your child, grandchild, family friend or someone else you know has a mom or dad who’s currently in jail.

Resources for Teens With an Incarcerated Parent

There are a number of programs with centers in Milwaukee designed to help teens of incarcerated parents, including:

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Big Brothers, Big Sisters offers positive adult role models and mentors for kids who need them. The program screens adults who volunteer and provides matches based on information the child’s caregiver provides. You can enroll a child in Milwaukee’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters program here.

Operation DREAM

Operation DREAM (DREAM stands for discipline, respect, education, appreciation, mentoring) is a community program that gets kids involved with positive adult role models to work, take field trips, tour colleges, go camping and get educated. It’s a completely free program that’s funded exclusively by donations and outside resources. You can apply for your child here.

Running Rebels

Running Rebels, focused on helping kids aged 12 to 19, is a program that provides tutoring, entertainment and plenty of education. It offers athletic programs, college career programs and more by matching qualified, screened adult mentors with children who need them. You can join the team or call them for information on enrolling a child.

COA Youth and Family Centers

COA Youth and Family Centers help young kids, elementary-aged kids and teens through planned activities, educational opportunities and other youth developments services. Funded by donations and staffed largely by volunteers (you can apply to volunteer here), COA offers several programs  that can benefit kids of incarcerated parents.

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