My Spouse Was Arrested for DUI - Milwaukee DUI Lawyer

If your spouse was arrested for drunk driving, you’re probably doing what most of us would do: worrying. While there is no way to stop yourself from being concerned (after all, your spouse is facing some serious charges that can change your whole family’s lives), you can make things a little bit easier by calling a Milwaukee DUI lawyer who thoroughly understands Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws.

What to Do if Your Spouse is Arrested for DUI

As soon as you find out that your spouse has been arrested for drunk driving, call a lawyer. If your spouse is in jail, he or she might still be intoxicated or be unsure of what to do next; even though it’s not particularly fair, that puts the burden of finding a DUI lawyer on your shoulders.

The attorney will ask you some questions, such as where your spouse is and whether you’re on your way to bail him or her out of jail. If possible, ask the attorney to meet you at the jail. The sooner your spouse gets to talk to a lawyer, the better – you don’t want to wait until the court date, because that’s not enough time to prepare an adequate defense.

If Your Spouse Remains in Jail for DUI

Sometimes your financial circumstances will prevent you from getting your spouse out of jail, and that’s completely understandable. If your spouse has to stay in jail after a DUI arrest, you’ll have to hold down the fort at home; that can be incredibly difficult if you’re juggling work, kids, and life in general. Stay strong! You can do it. (And just think of all the dishes your spouse will have to do to repay the debt…)

It’s absolutely essential that you hire a Milwaukee DUI attorney you can trust. The right lawyer will thoroughly evaluate your spouse’s case and make sure that your loved one’s rights weren’t violated at any point. You—and your family—deserve to work with a lawyer who puts your needs first.