My Ex Won't Let Me See My Kids - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Custody agreements are legally binding, but what happens when your ex won’t let you see your kids? Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer can help you file the appropriate motions through the court, but he or she will probably advise you to try talking things out with your ex first.

My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Kids – What Do I Do?

While it might not be one of your favorite things to do, you should try your best to communicate with your ex. If your ex isn’t very trustworthy, it might be a good idea to communicate in writing; that way, you have a written record of everything he or she says. When you talk to a custody lawyer, you can present the entire disagreement from start to finish (just be careful that you never say anything threatening or anything that could make you look bad in front of your judge).

What Your Custody Lawyer Needs to Know

Your Milwaukee custody lawyer will probably have several questions for you, including:

  • When was the last time you saw your children?
  • Why is your ex keeping them from you?
  • How many times have you attempted to see your kids and been denied?
  • What is does your current custody agreement say?

It’s helpful to bring a copy of your custody agreement when you visit your lawyer, as well as printouts of any emails or text messages you’ve exchanged with your ex.

Make sure you’re completely honest with your lawyer – no matter how difficult or embarrassing it might be. If your ex has reason to believe that your children are unsafe with you, he or she might not be guilty of wrongdoing in the court’s eyes.

In many cases, one parent withholding children from the other parent is due to resentment, anger and bitterness left over from the divorce. It’s not only mean-spirited; it’s harmful to the kids’ well-being. Withholding the kids is also against the law, and that’s exactly why you need to work with an experienced custody lawyer who’s familiar with Wisconsin’s statutes.