My Ex Has Emotional Outbursts - What Can I Do - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, and the ride doesn’t stop as soon as your Milwaukee divorce lawyer hands you your divorce decree. You and your ex are facing down all kinds of emotions, from grief to anger (and everything in between). That’s completely understandable – but having emotional outbursts won’t help your case. In fact, they might hurt it. So what do you do if your ex gives in to his or her emotions and loses control?

When Your Ex “Flips Out”

Everyone is tempted to let their emotions take control during divorce. You’re angry, you’re hurt… you name it, you’re feeling it. When a big disagreement pops up, particularly when it’s about money, kids or something you both consider a minefield, it’s tough to stay in control.

But that doesn’t mean it’s excusable.

If your ex has regular emotional outbursts, especially if they involve domestic violence or happen in front of your kids, make sure your lawyer knows about it. They’re dangerous and can prevent you and your children from healing emotionally.

What to Do

Keep your cool if your ex has an emotional outburst. You don’t want to get dragged into his or her dramatics. Stop trying to have a rational discussion until the outburst runs its course; you won’t get to the real problem when emotions put reason in the back seat.

Why Your Ex Lets His or Her Emotions Rule

According to Psychology Today, people have emotional outbursts when:

  • They’re irritated about others’ feelings or actions
  • Can’t tolerate differing views
  • Judge the other party’s perspective as “bad” or “mistaken”

It’s not your responsibility to make sure your ex is happy, but you are responsible for yourself and for your children. If your ex has an emotional outburst, do everything within your power to end it. Make note of anything significant and let your Milwaukee divorce lawyer know what happened the next time you talk.