Kids Accused of Traffic Crimes - Milwaukee Driving Offense Lawyers

Do you remember when you first got your driver’s license? Were you really prepared to handle the roads and the traffic that you now deal with every day? What about your children – are they ready to drive?

Some kids go on and never get so much as a parking ticket – but others aren’t so fortunate. Whether it’s a simple error in judgment or something goes terribly, terribly wrong, as Milwaukee driving offense lawyers, we’ve helped several young drivers by ensuring their rights were protected in court. We may be able to help your child if he or she gets into hot water on the roads, too.

Juvenile Driving Offenses

Many kids on Wisconsin’s roadways are faced with tough decisions. Because they haven’t been driving long enough to make the right ones every time, they can get hit with serious charges – and all we, as parents, can do is to hope that the courts take their age, experience and maturity into account.

Whether your child has been charged with eluding an officer, operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent or reckless driving, or any number of other juvenile driving crimes, you’re in a tough spot.

What to Do if Your Child is Charged with a Driving Offense in Milwaukee

First, don’t panic. (Easier said than done, right?)

Once you discover what your child is being charged with, find a lawyer who can protect his or her rights. Many kids don’t know that they don’t have to talk to police or investigators without an attorney present, but they do have the same rights as adults. As the parent of a minor, you have the right to be there, too.

Your attorney will let you know what’s supposed to happen next and examine every aspect of your child’s case to make sure that law enforcement officers haven’t violated his or her rights.

If your child has been arrested and is allowed to leave with you, hold off on the lecture until you get home. (Also easier said than done!) Holding off on the lecture will give your teen time to explain what happened in his or her own words and settle down from the trauma of it all; if you’re yelling, he or she is more likely to shut down. Once you have the whole story, though…

And don’t worry. One day your teen will be a parent, and what goes around, comes around.