Keeping Kids Out of Your Milwaukee Divorce - Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, many kids get pulled into the tempest of divorce and end up suffering long-term psychological consequences. While it’s inevitable to some degree – your children will have to move, adjust to new schedules and get accustomed to a smaller family unit – you should limit their involvement as best you can so that they come out of it as unscathed as possible.

What Your Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer May Advise

Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer might suggest that you take your kids to a family counselor; many children benefit from talking to an impartial third party who can help them deal with their emotions. Your attorney might even suggest that you talk to someone, too, so that you can cope with your own feelings and stay strong for your children.

Kids Who Know too Much

When parents share too much information about the divorce with their kids, discuss the case or their feelings in front of them, or bad-mouth the other parent, it’s a recipe for disaster. Kids are then forced to fight a difficult battle; they want to be loyal to both parents at the same time.

How Involved Should Kids Be?

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says that children should never be pitted against one parent; they shouldn’t make decisions about when or where to visit if the court has handed down a recommendation that says otherwise, either.

What you should tell your kids is that the divorce is not their fault and admit that it’s upsetting for everyone involved. Make sure they know that you both love them, and that’s something that will never change.

What Your Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer Can Do

Tell your Milwaukee divorce lawyer right away if you believe that your ex (or your ex’s significant other) is involving your kids in adult business. Even if your kids are very mature, the damage that excessive involvement can cause is often irreparable. Your Milwaukee divorce lawyer can petition the court to get your ex’s bad behavior to stop.