Just How Defensive Can You Be to Claim Self-Defense - Milwaukee Self-Defense Lawyer

It’s a horrible thing to think about, but what would you do if you had to defend yourself from an attacker? How far would you – or could you – go? Before you come up with an answer on your own, make sure you have all of the facts… and make sure you know how to get in touch with a Milwaukee self-defense lawyer who understands Wisconsin’s complex laws.

What is Self-Defense in Milwaukee?

Wisconsin law says that you’re allowed to defend yourself from an attacker, but only to a certain extent. You’re only allowed to use as much force as necessary to prevent or stop someone from interfering with your person; that means if someone starts pushing you, a lead pipe is not the answer.

You can’t use deadly force, or even force that’s likely to cause great bodily harm, unless you reasonably believe that you’re doing it to prevent the same type of harm to yourself.

Finally, you can’t provoke people into attacking you by engaging in illegal behavior – unless, of course, you reasonably believe that you’re going to be severely harmed or killed.

The Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Battery

The key to a self-defense defense is that you must restrain yourself and use only the amount of force necessary to stop the attack. Once the attack has stopped, you can’t keep “defending” yourself or you might end up being charged with battery.

If you are attacked, and you’re able to defend yourself, do so – you have that right under Wisconsin law. However, make sure you call the police; your next call should be to a Milwaukee self-defense lawyer if you feel that your actions may be misunderstood.

What to Say to a Milwaukee Self-Defense Lawyer

When you call an attorney, provide him or her with all of the details. No matter who started what, it’s essential that you tell your lawyer everything so that he or she can give you the best advice based on your situation.