Is there Life after Being Falsely Accused of Rape - Wisconsin Sex Crime Lawyers

If someone accuses you of rape, you’re facing a trip through Wisconsin’s court system – and whether you are innocent or guilty, it will probably be emotionally exhausting. In most cases, people who have been accused of rape find that it’s best to work with an experienced sex crime lawyer who understands the law and is willing to fight hard to preserve the defendant’s rights.

Falsely Accused of Rape: Joe’s* Story

In early 2012, Joe broke things off with Kara*, a girl he’d only been dating for a few weeks. Kara didn’t take it well, and she began harassing him continually. He’d get phone calls, text messages, and even surprise visits to his home – and each time he spoke with her, she became verbally abusive and demanded to know why she wasn’t “good enough” for him.

After a few weeks passed (Kara had been harassing Joe longer than she’d dated him), he threatened to go to the police if her behavior continued. Two days later he filed a report accusing Kara of stalking; two days after that, police contacted him about the rape accusation that Kara made.

The two cases were analyzed separately, and eventually Joe was cleared – the police couldn’t find anything credible about what Kara had said… but it could have been much worse.

If the police had believed Kara, Joe would’ve been hauled off to jail and forced to go to court. Even though you’re innocent until the prosecution proves that you are guilty, for many victims of false allegations, it usually feels like you have to prove your innocence.

What to Do if You’re Falsely Accused of Rape in Wisconsin

Wisconsin law is very strict when it comes to rape convictions and the penalties involved. Rather than taking a chance with a public defender or attempting to defend yourself against rape allegations, it might be best for you to call a Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer right away. Your attorney can help preserve your rights and make sure that your side of the story comes out before it’s too late.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals in this story.