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By Carlos Gamino

If you’re like many parents whose divorce has forced them into a new home, you’re not alone—and you’re not alone if you’re not sure how to help your kids cope with living in two different houses, either.

The truth is that moving to a new home is tough on kids at any age. Most kids feel attached to their homes, but moving after divorce is often inevitable. As Wisconsin divorce lawyers, we see many clients who are unsure about how to help their children adjust to a new home during and after divorce—and here’s what we’ve learned.

How to Help Kids Adjust to a New Home After Divorce

Kids pick up on your attitude, and they follow your moods… so it makes sense that the more positive, optimistic and upbeat you are, the more they will be, too.

Stay Positive

Explain to your children (in an age-appropriate way) that you and your ex-spouse have made the best possible decision for your family, and that everyone will be better off because of it.

While you don’t have to strain yourself to appear happy, share your confidence in your decision with your children. Look for positive aspects of the move anywhere you can to help them see the “silver lining.”

Give Kids the Freedom to Feel “At Home” in Both Houses

Make sure your children bring the belongings that make them feel most comfortable between both houses. Don’t express resentment when your children go to visit their other parent, and don’t interrogate them when they come back; these things to send signals that they’re not safe with their other parent or that you don’t trust him or her, which causes quite a bit of anxiety in children.

Give Them Time to Adjust

Just like you need time to adjust, your kids do, as well. Moving is a big change for anyone, and remember, your kids are dealing with more than just switching homes—they’re dealing with the divorce, too. There’s no specific “adjustment timeline,” but so don’t have unreasonable expectations about when your kids should settle into their new home and their new routine.

Are You Getting a Divorce?

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Carlos Gamino