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By Attorney Carlos Gamino

When you get a speeding ticket, you have to pay the fine for the offense and a variety of other fees – and the average ticket costs somewhere between $200 and $800. For many people, a speeding tickets means a spike in car insurance rates, too. That’s probably why many people ask us how to get out of a speeding ticket in Wisconsin.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket in Wisconsin

First things first: You don’t have to accept responsibility for speeding just because a police officer gives you a ticket. You may be able to fight the ticket in court under Wisconsin law – and you can hire an attorney to help you.

Sometimes, attorneys can argue that a police officer’s speed-tracking equipment is faulty or unreliable, or that the officer wasn’t properly trained to use it. In other cases, witnesses can provide testimony that contradicts the police officer’s report. It’s sometimes possible to negotiate the penalty on a ticket, too, which means you may have to admit to committing the traffic offense in exchange for a lower fine or keeping points off your license. Your Wisconsin traffic ticket lawyer may even be able to convince the judge to let you take a driving course in exchange for dropping the ticket against you. However, there are no guarantees – every case is different, and there’s no way to predict how a judge will rule.

What About Points for Moving Violations?

When you’re ticketed for speeding (or any number of other traffic violations), the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles assigns “demerit points” to your license. If you get enough points attached to your license, the state will suspend or revoke your driving privileges. Here’s a quick breakdown on what happens when you accrue a certain number of points:

  • 12 to 16 points: Your driver’s license is suspended for 2 months
  • 17 to 22 points: Your driver’s license is suspended for 4 months
  • 23 to 30 points: Your driver’s license is suspended for 6 months
  • More than 30 points: Your driver’s license is suspended for a year

The state chooses how many points to put on your driver’s license based on the type of violation you committed. These are common speeding points:

  • 1 to 10 miles per hour over the limit: 3 points
  • 11 to 19 miles per hour over the limit: 4 points
  • 20 miles per hour or more over the limit: 6 points

You can’t drive on a suspended license, either – that’s a crime.

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