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How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges in Wisconsin - Carlos Gamino

Domestic violence is a serious charge – and it’s one that can have life-changing consequences if a person is convicted. But can you drop domestic violence charges in Wisconsin?

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges in Wisconsin

If you’re the victim of domestic violence, you may want to drop the charges against your spouse, significant other or family member. Unfortunately, once the state picks up the charges and wants to prosecute that person, you cannot “drop the charges.”

The best thing you can do is find a domestic violence defense attorney in Milwaukee to represent the person who’s being charged with the crime. That’s because the state of Wisconsin can still prosecute the case using things like police reports, your original statement to the police, photographs and witness statements – even if you refuse to testify or you tell police that you want to recant (take back) your original statement.

Your loved one’s attorney may be able to get the charges dropped, but every case is different. There’s no way to predict what the prosecutor will decide. In some cases, prosecutors do drop the charges, such as when there’s insufficient evidence to get a conviction. Sometimes the defendant (the person accused of the crime) can agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge, and sometimes there are other circumstances that can help keep the defendant out of jail. Working with an attorney who understands the law may be your best bet in a situation like this.

What Are the Penalties for Domestic Violence if Your Loved One is Convicted?

Domestic violence is a broad term, and it can cover many offenses, including:

The penalties can vary based on the type of crime committed, but often, they involve jail time. If the person has ever been convicted of domestic battery before, he or she may be considered a domestic abuse repeater who’s subject to even more severe penalties.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer Because You Couldn’t Drop Domestic Violence Charges in Wisconsin?

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