What is a plea deal - Milwaukee Criminal Lawyers

You’ve heard of plea bargaining, but how does it all work? Should you try to use one in your criminal case? Before you even consider accepting a plea bargain, it’s important that you talk to a Milwaukee criminal lawyer to get professional legal advice.

What is a Plea Bargain?

A plea bargain is a negotiating tool that your attorney can use to help you in court. If you’re guilty of committing a crime, a plea bargain can get you a better deal. For example, admitting guilt to a lesser crime can result in a lighter sentence.

How Plea Bargains Work

Your lawyer will generally meet with the prosecutor before your case goes to trial. If the prosecutor is willing to negotiate, your attorney might come back to you with an offer for a plea bargain. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not to accept it – but if your lawyer recommends it, he or she will have very good reasons for doing so.

Why Prosecutors Like Plea Bargains

Prosecutors like plea bargains because they’re guaranteed to get a conviction (even if it’s not the original conviction they were hoping for). If you’re able to accept a plea bargain, you may receive a lighter sentence (a year in jail versus a few in prison, for example) or your original charges may be dropped in exchange for less serious charges.

If Your Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer Recommends a Plea Bargain

Your lawyer has extensive experience with the Wisconsin court system; in fact, he or she has likely appeared in front of your judge on several occasions. If your attorney recommends that you accept a plea bargain, there are good reasons. Perhaps the evidence in your case would be compelling enough for a jury to find you guilty of a serious offense; maybe you’ll save a lot of money in lawyer’s fees and court costs with the same outcome.

Remember that your lawyer is putting your best interests first – that’s why you’re working together. The choice is yours, but if your attorney thinks it’s a good idea to accept a plea bargain, do yourself a favor and follow his or her guidance.