Robbery Lawyer - Possible Defenses to Robbery Crimes

By Carlos Gamino

Robbery is a serious crime in Wisconsin—and it’s one that can send you straight to prison. For most people, it makes sense to talk to a robbery lawyer in Wisconsin (including Milwaukee or Waukesha) as soon as possible; the more time your attorney has to prepare your defense, the better.

How Do Robbery Lawyers Defend Their Clients?

While every case is different, a robbery lawyer can use a variety of defenses to protect his or her client. One of the most common robbery defenses is innocence (unfortunately, many people are accused of robbery when they didn’t commit any crime at all). Remember, in a criminal case, you don’t have to actually prove that you’re innocent; the prosecutor has to prove that you’re guilty.

Other common defenses include duress and entrapment.

  • Duress. If you were forced to commit a robbery that you wouldn’t have committed under normal circumstances, your lawyer can use that fact to defend you in court.
  • Entrapment. If someone pushed you into committing a robbery for the sole purpose of getting you into trouble, your attorney can bring that up in court when he or she is arguing on your behalf.

What if You’ve Been Accused of Robbery?

If you’ve been accused of robbery, which is a Class E felony, get in touch with an attorney for case-specific legal advice. A robbery conviction carries a penalty of up to 15 years of imprisonment, with a maximum 10 years of initial confinement in prison and up to 5 years of extended supervision. (A judge can also order you to pay up to $50,000 in fines.)

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Carlos Gamino