Do you have a DUI charge hanging over your head? Or an Operating While Intoxicated charge as it’s called in Wisconsin? A Wisconsin OWI/DUI lawyer can help you with one or more circumstances surrounding your charge:

  • An OWI/DUI attorney may be able to get some charges dropped in the early stage of your case.
  • Your lawyer can provide assistance in any pre-trial conferences. (For example, your attorney may employ his or her legal skills to get the charges reclassified to a non-drug/alcohol-related offense.)
  • Your counsel will inform you of all your rights according to state law.

If your case goes to trial, your attorney will represent you in court, cross examine any witnesses and attempt to invalidate evidence presented by the prosecution. Additionally, OWI/DUI attorneys know which legal papers and documents need to be filled out and submitted to facilitate the case.

They are also experts in dealing with insurance adjusters (if your OWI charge involved a car accident) from a claimant’s insurance company and will do their best to reduce the amount of compensation asked for by the plaintiff.

Extenuating Circumstances Surrounding OWI/DUI Charges

Police officers routinely administer breath analyzers and field sobriety tests to evaluate drivers suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But what happens to drivers who refuse to take a Breathalyzer test?

Refusing a breath test does not automatically mean you will be convicted, but you were probably given another test at the police station. If your results showed an unacceptable blood alcohol content, police most likely arrested you.

If you plea not guilty, then the number of times you have been convicted of a OWI will determine the severity of punishment handed down by a judge. Alternately, a plea of not guilty means your case will go to trial—and you will need the assistance of a good Wisconsin OWI attorney.

Private Lawyers or Public Defenders

The courts provide public defenders to people who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. Although they are professional attorneys, huge caseloads often overwhelm public defenders, preventing them from giving each case the unique attention it needs. Moreover, many public defenders have just passed the bar and are brand-new to practicing criminal law.

Don’t risk the chance of not getting your charges reduced—or removed altogether—by relying on an attorney who does not specialize in Wisconsin OWI law. Hire an experienced defense attorney today to manage your OWI/DUI charge.