Helping Your Teen Cope with Divorce - Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer

By Tedia Gamino

If you’re like most parents going through divorce, you’re tremendously concerned about how it’s affecting your teenaged children.

The good news is that children are incredibly resilient – and despite the fear-mongering rumors you may have heard, kids can come through a divorce stronger and more capable of dealing with big changes.

How do we know?

We’re Wisconsin divorce lawyers, and we’ve seen it happen.

So what can you do to help your teens through this difficult time?

How to Help Your Teens Cope With Divorce

Teens are notorious for their moods, which can be even more apparent during divorce. However, they need you to be there for them, even if it seems as if they’re pushing you away.

Know that many parents take their children to talk to a counselor or therapist as a matter of course during divorce, even if they’re not exhibiting any signs of struggle – and if you feel that’s right for your children, you should go with your gut. (If you don’t already know a counselor or therapist, your Milwaukee divorce attorney will be able to point you in the right direction.)

Experts suggest:

  • Letting your kids know that you’re always there for them when they need you
  • Reassuring them that you love them
  • Giving the  time and space to themselves if they want it
  • Understanding that their moods are partially related to being a teen and partially related to stress
  • Teaching your children coping strategies
  • Providing them with a journal where they can write down their feelings without fear of judgment or reprisal

The most important thing you can do is to leave your teens out of your divorce. Answer their questions honestly and promptly, but make sure you’re choosing age-appropriate responses. Never use your kids as messengers between you and your ex; you’re both adults who are fully capable of calling, emailing or texting each other.

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