My Child Was Arrested - Carlos Gamino

By Carlos Gamino

It’s not uncommon for good kids to find themselves in trouble with the law – even Bill Gates was arrested as a teenager – but if it’s your child, it’s a different story. So what should you do if your child is arrested? Here’s what you need to know.

Help! My Child Was Arrested!

The bottom line is that kids don’t have the emotional or mental maturity to make rational decisions, which can get them into scrapes with the law. Maybe your child was only in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe he or she was with the wrong group of friends. No matter why your child was arrested, you have to remember:

  • The police are not on your side. They’re not on anybody’s side – their job is to respond to complaints and create reports on what they see and hear.
  • Cooperation and respect go a long way with the police. Make sure you (and your child) know that if you talk to the police – which you shouldn’t do without consulting a lawyer – you must be respectful and polite at all times. Additionally, make sure your children know that they need to tell police to call you if they’re detained.
  • Your parental rights don’t take precedence over law enforcement’s rights. In many cases, you cannot simply pick up your child from the police station and call it a day.
  • You shouldn’t try to negotiate with the police. Find out if your child is being investigated for committing a crime, if police will tell you, and contact an attorney. Never tell your child to “come clean” to police or to speak to them without consulting an attorney first. In many cases, kids just want to end the process – it’s scary and confusing for kids, too – and they may say something they shouldn’t. This is true whether or not your child is guilty!

Was Your Child Arrested?

If your child was arrested in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, we may be able to help. Tell your child not to say anything to police until an attorney has arrived – because while it’s unfortunate, it’s true that the police might coerce your child into giving a confession. Call us right away at 414-383-6700 and we’ll give you the case-specific advice you need.

Carlos Gamino