A Judge Ordered Me to Leave the Country - U.S. Immigration Lawyer

When a non-citizen has been found guilty of violating American immigration laws, they’re subject to removal from the country. It’s frequently called deportation or removal – and if it’s happened to you or someone you care about, you need a highly experienced Milwaukee immigration lawyer in your corner.

Why Would a Judge Order Removal or Deportation?

There are several reasons that someone might be subject to removal proceedings, including convictions for certain crimes (including aggravated felonies). People who commit marriage fraud or participate in smuggling or human trafficking are also subject to deportation, as well as people in many other circumstances.

What Should I Do?

If you or someone you care about is facing removal proceedings, you need to get an attorney immediately. An immigration attorney will be able to make sure that everything is on the table, so to speak, and that the courts have the authority to order you to leave the country. You have a limited timeframe to work within, so the sooner you find a lawyer, the better.

What Happens Without a Lawyer?

While nobody can guarantee the outcome of your case, the consequences of being removed from the United States can include being sent back to your native country and being denied readmission for 5, 10 or 20 years (people convicted of aggravated felonies are permanently denied readmission).

What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do to Help?

A talented immigration lawyer who’s familiar with Wisconsin and federal laws might be able to stop the process – or at the very least, slow it down so that you have adequate time to prepare. In some cases, the judge may not be authorized to order your removal; in others, there may be other ways that you can change your status in order to remain in the country with your family, friends and other loved ones.

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