Gov. Tony Evers’ Marijuana Plan for Wisconsin - Carlos Gamino

By Carlos Gamino

Gov. Tony Evers hasn’t gained much traction in the legislature with his proposal to decriminalize medical marijuana – a move that would put Wisconsin on the same track as 33 other states – but he hasn’t stopped trying. His most recent budget proposal created a medical program that would keep the state in line with regional trends and create a uniform policy all over the state.

Proponents of Evers’ proposal say that it can provide an alternative treatment for some patients, such as those suffering from various forms of cancer, as well as raise money for the state and fix the chronic issue of racial imbalance in the criminal justice system.

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Evers would like to legalize medical marijuana and, at the same time, allow some people to dismiss or expunge their prior convictions related to possession of small amounts of the drug.

“As is the case with Medicaid expansion and increased funding for special education, the people overwhelmingly agree with the governor on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes,” said Melissa Baldauff, one of Evers’ spokespeople.

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That assessment is based on recent polling data from a Marquette University Law School poll, which says that more than 82 percent of Wisconsin’s voting-age respondents supported medical marijuana. Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly 60 percent also support legalizing recreational use, like the neighboring state of Michigan has.

However, many Republican legislative leaders say they have no interest in legalizing medical marijuana.

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