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By Attorney Carlos Gamino

If you’ve been pressured by police into giving a false confession, you may need to talk to a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your confession, even if it’s false, can be used against you in court – and it could help seal the deal on your conviction.

What is a False Confession?

A false confession is a confession that isn’t true. There are several reasons people give false confessions; sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes they’re coerced (tricked) and sometimes they’re trying to keep other people out of trouble.

What to Do if You’ve Made a False Confession

If you’ve made a false confession for any reason, you should talk to your attorney about your next steps. You’re in a tough situation, because you can’t let the prosecutor keep believing that your confession was true, and you can’t lie when you’re under oath – doing so is another crime called perjury.

Your lawyer will ask you several questions about your confession, including what led up to it and whether anyone pressured you to give it. Your attorney will also need to know the real story of what happened. That way, he or she can defend you and get you the best possible outcome.

Cases like these can be incredibly complicated. That’s why many people choose to work with an attorney who can help untangle all the potential issues. For example, if you pointed to others in your false confession, you run the risk of being called to testify against them; if you said you committed a crime because you were coerced by the police into saying so, your lawyer needs to show the court that the police tricked you.

Have You Given a False Confession?

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Attorney Carlos Gamino