Drunk Driving in Milwaukee - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Milwaukee DUI Lawyer

This post is by Attorney Carlos A. Gamino, a former DUI lawyer in the state of Wisconsin who practiced in Milwaukee, Waukesha and the surrounding areas.

When you’re accused of drunk driving in Milwaukee—or anywhere else in the state of Wisconsin, for that matter—prosecutors have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving while intoxicated.

If they can’t prove it, they failed.

A Failed Field Sobriety Test: Guilty?

A failed field sobriety test doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be found guilty of DUI in court. In fact, your Milwaukee DUI lawyer might even find fault with the way the test was administered or discover that police violated your rights during the process.

While police do their best to keep people safe, they’re human, just like the rest of us. Sometimes they make mistakes, and consulting with an attorney can help ensure that if police did make a mistake (either by violating your rights or stepping outside the law) during your arrest process, you don’t have to pay the price.

Even a failed Breathalyzer test doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be found guilty of drunk driving.

Wisconsin’s Tough Limit and Tougher Penalties

It’s no secret that Wisconsin is harsh with people who are convicted of drunk driving. Our laws are extremely strict. If your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is higher than 0.08 percent, you are considered intoxicated (for an average 200-pound male, more than four drinks puts you at the limit; for a 140-pound female, it’s three).

Penalties can include the suspension of your driver’s license, astronomical fines and even jail time. Wisconsin has some of the toughest consequences in the nation, and many people don’t even know that working with a qualified, talented DUI attorney in Milwaukee could prevent a lot of problems.

Why would you gamble with your future when an attorney can protect your rights and make sure that police followed the letter of the law during your drunk driving arrest? I wouldn’t – and neither should you. You deserve better than that.

Be safe – and call us if you need us.

Carlos A. Gamino