Drug Offenses in Wisconsin - Milwaukee Drug Crime Lawyers

By Carlos Gamino

Drug crimes in Wisconsin are treated extremely seriously by the courts – and with such tough policies against using, selling and trafficking in drugs, many people find themselves on the wrong side of the law for a number of offenses.

What Are Wisconsin’s Drug Laws?

Wisconsin forbids the possession, sale and delivery of a number of illicit drugs (including prescription drugs for which the accused has no valid prescription), and there are also laws on the books regulating prescription medications dispensed by pharmacies.

The Unfortunate Truth About Drug Investigations in Wisconsin

Sometimes law enforcement officers and investigators who are working on drug cases in Milwaukee and other communities use illegal tactics to obtain convictions.

These officers and investigators take advantage of the fact that many people are unaware of their rights, and in many cases, consulting with a lawyer can provide defendants with a tremendous advantage in that attorneys will look for errors and rights violations while evaluating the case.

Your Rights if You’re Arrested for a Drug Crime

You have the right not to speak to police or investigators without your lawyer present, and in most cases – even if you’re innocent – it’s a good idea to keep silent.

Sometimes police and investigators try to elicit confessions before making an arrest, and you have the right to ask police if you’re being detained. If you’re not being detained, you have the right to leave; you don’t have to speak to police, even if they tell you that you’re not under arrest and they just want to ask you a few questions.

The first thing you should do if someone accuses you of a drug crime is request to speak to an attorney. Your Milwaukee drug defense lawyer will help preserve your rights and build a strategy to defend against drug crime charges the state of Wisconsin levies against you. Remember that even if you’re innocent, you have the right to work with a lawyer – and remember that police may use what you say to obtain a conviction, regardless of the facts in your case.

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Carlos Gamino