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By Carlos Gamino

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump wants Milwaukee and Waukesha cops to crack down on immigrants—but it’s not just here. He wants local police to handle immigration laws all over the country.

But not so fast, Donald: police are focused on a primary mission—and it’s not sending undocumented immigrants packing.

Police have to worry about maintaining good relations with the communities in which they serve.

They can’t do that if they’re enforcing immigration law, kicking in doors to arrest nonviolent immigrants while ripping apart families.

Presidents and Immigration Law

The truth is that presidents really don’t have much power over immigration. In fact, a U.S. president has only as much authority as Congress is willing to allow.

According to Adam Cox of NYU Law School and Cristina Rodriguez of Yale Law:

“In general, Congress specifies in great detail the criteria for admission and removal, particularly when it comes to the major categories of family and labor migration that make up the bulk of admissions. In this sense, immigration law resembles tax law, where Congress retains control over marginal rates, or criminal law, where Congress defines the elements of a crime, rather than other regulatory arenas in which Congress has delegated broad authority to the executive branch to set standards.”

Current Immigration Rules

Right now, U.S. immigration law is very complex—and many people are confused by the process; that’s why they choose to work with a Wisconsin immigration lawyer who’s familiar with the process of gaining citizenship, work authorization, and asylum, as well as all the other aspects of immigration to the U.S.

There are several ways to immigrate to the U.S., including through family-based programs, employment-based programs, and several other programs.

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Carlos Gamino