Does Talking to a Lawyer Mean I'm Getting a Divorce - Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer

Many people think about getting a divorce long before they ever file. Some eventually choose not to, while others end up in a Milwaukee divorce lawyer’s office drafting paperwork. The choice is ultimately yours, but it doesn’t hurt to know what options you have on each path.

Talking to a Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer

When you call a Milwaukee divorce lawyer, you’re not committing to a divorce. You’re just finding out what your options are and whether divorce is the right choice for you. Talking to an attorney can help you put things in perspective and decide whether you can move past the issues you and your spouse are having.

The attorney will ask you several questions, including things like:

  • What has your marriage been like?
  • What are your finances like? Can you afford to get a divorce if you want one?
  • Do you have children?
  • Is your spouse involved with someone else?

As painful as it may be to answer these questions, they’re going to be essential in your decision-making process. The answers might even affect the outcome of your case if you do decide to divorce.

The Big “Don’t”

If you do choose to pursue a divorce, don’t move out of your marital home unless your attorney advises you to do so. Because leaving the property could forfeit your rights to it, it’s important that you work with your lawyer to create a plan of action that will help ensure a stable future for you (and your kids, if you have any).

Visiting an attorney for a consultation doesn’t mean you have to get a divorce. Your spouse doesn’t even have to know – the important part is that you’re aware of your options and can get a glimpse of the bigger picture.